My Story

Having started my career as a biologist, I offered my services to the environmental conservation, where I met people passionate about their vision, ready to give up their personal lives to serve their purpose. I was intrigued by how and why people are motivated, stay committed to a goal, and keep feeling excited about it. Changing course, I studied about people in the business environment and worked for 6 years in a large financial institution in the fields of people development and organizational health. People empowerment and development became my first priority and coaching came as a natural consequence. After having studied personal, executive, team and leadership coaching, I became a coach, working in accordance with the principles and the Code of Ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) , of which I have become a member. 
As a coach, I encourage people to gain awareness of their potential, fulfill their vision and attain their goals, living in harmony with their values and in balance with their environment.

How coaching works

Coaching can be described as a collaborative relationship between the coach and the coachee. The methodology is based on a series of focused probing questions and tools adapted to the needs of each coachee. I help my clients to clear up their vision and their goals and take action with self-accountability. Allowing them to express their real selves, the coachees discover their strengths and face with courage their obstacles. They see clearly their goals and draw a realistic action plan to achieve them. I do not judge the people we work with and I do not try to change them; on the contrary, I reinforce them to make the changes they wish at life and work, breaking free from dysfunctional perceptions.

Who are my clients

I work with people from private, public and non-governmental organizations, as well as, with people who seek their professional course or change. With people who wish to be effective in what they already do, to advance their career in the organization they belong, or change professional path and finally, with people who wish to attain their balance at life and work.

I believe in coaching because…

People and teams need to discover their own processes, in order to move with steady paces towards their own sustainable development. Recognizing and accepting their current position, they can change and move forward. It is not easy and it needs a lot of courage. The coach is with them at their steps in this fascinating developmental path. Organizations and companies investing in the development of their people have higher possibilities to grow sustainably in the business environment and face adverse circumstances with adaptability and flexibility.


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