New Beginnings

What is good in new beginnings?

They are refreshing, optimistic and they get us out of the routine. What more? They need courage, responsibility, love, hard work and they involve risk, new learnings, mistakes, failure and success.

Many of us are at such a point right now, either because we hope we are done with the pandemic and we are moving on with our lives, or because we believe that this is not over and we have to reinvent our lives.

We move forward any way, different from before, with new thoughts, new knowledge, new decisions, made during our confinement and our walks in the park.

Me too, I made new decisions for my life, I finally moved to where I dreamed to be, on an island, near the sea. The new era brought me new, unexpected professional opportunities! And along with the joy came the responsibility of the decision and the risk. What if I do not succeed in my plans? What if I cannot live on the island and have to return to the city?

The persistent questions in every change we dare: What if we do not succeed? Are things going the way we want them to? And yet, things usually do not go somewhere by themselves, we drive them somewhere. We dare and make the moves to achieve our goals.

There is always something unexpected happening in the way. Are we prepared for that? Maybe we have a plan B. Or even a plan C.

But we know very well that we cannot predict everything. And that's the magic after all. This inability to predict everything motivates us. And we proceed learning every day something new from our achievements and mistakes; we unlearn our old habits and behaviors - they brought us here and we love them, but now we want to go further and dare to leave them behind.

Being bold, we work to achieve our dreams, our goals, our changes, to bring our happiness.

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